Q. Are you related to Heston Blumenthal? Sadly, no.

Q. Which party do you represent? The Conservative party.

Q. How long have you lived locally? Since 1997.

Q. Where are your favourite places in Earley and Woodley? Maiden Erlegh Lake and South Lake. I love feeding the ducks, what can I say?!

Q. Why did you want to be a councillor? Because I think the best use of my time is to listen to people and work to make where we live better. Our local area’s a great place and we’re a friendly bunch so it’s a pleasure serving as a local councillor.

Q. Which committees are you part of at Wokingham Borough Council? Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Panel, Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel, Corporate Parenting Board and Highwood Management Conference.

Q. Do you sit on any committees on the Town Council? Yes, as well as attending full Council meetings I also sit as the Deputy Chairman on the Amenities and Leisure Committee and the Youth and Community Sub-Committee.

Q. How can I contact you? Please click on the ‘Contact Laura’ tab and let me know what’s on your mind.

Q. Which local schools did you go to? Radstock Primary School and Maiden Erlegh School and Sixth Form.

Q. I want to get involved in helping the local community/getting involved in Earley and Woodley, how can I go about doing this? Excellent! Please click on the ‘Contact Laura’ tab and tell me what you’re interested in doing. Also, if you have any concerns about the local area please do get in contact.