Royal Berks open day


Recently I attended the Royal Berkshire Hospital’s open day for members. To be a member is free and you just have to register online. We had a talk from staff who work in A&E and Debbie McGee who talked about the amazing care her late husband Paul Daniels had received at the hospital. I visited the simulation room which is kitted out like a normal hospital room with a robot patient to boot. The robot is made to look as human-like as possible and talks, moves and blinks. It interacted with the nurse explaining its symptoms and the computer equipment showed readings accurate to the scenario. This seemed absolutely fantastic and must be brilliant when training nurses and doctors especially in spotting signs which can be killers but can be overlooked e.g. sepsis. I had a tour around the cardiology unit which was very interesting and the wards looked inviting and homely as could be. The Royal Berks is apparently a world leader in cardiology issues which was good to know. There were also stalls where you could find out more about the hospital’s immense research work and best practice in infectious diseases management. It was a fantastic day and a brilliant insight into how lucky we are to have such amazing facilities and incredible doctors and nurses.

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