Why do people support Trump?


I haven’t met anyone in the UK who likes Trump. His deep disrespect for great swathes of people should be the warning that he is not fit for President. Calling a former Miss Universe winner ‘Miss Housekeeping’ due to her Venezuelan heritage really got to me. His recent groping outburst sadly didn’t surprise me with Trump defending it with the cliched ‘it’s just locker room talk’. The same response is given when someone disrespects women and ‘boys will be boys’ is the response as if it is inevitable and harmless. He wasn’t even in a locker room when he said it! We can all speculate why some Americans support the Donald but I thought it best to try to find out from the horses’ mouths. Highly scientifically I went on YouTube to see what I could find. Answers seem to range from his opposition to the Iraq war to not being PC and this conveying authenticity and truthfulness. People also seem to like him not being a career politician and having business experience. Being self-funded apparently ensures he is not swayed by corporations and this is given the thumbs up as well as a pledge to unashamedly look after the USA first and foremost. Listen to what his supporters say here: https://youngpeopleinpolitics.org.uk/inspiration/blog/

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