A Woman in Charge


Theresa May has been PM for a handful of months now and she already divides opinion. What was not questioned was her obvious choice to succeed Cameron. Yes, there were contenders but they soon fell away ashamed to think they would succeed over the true heiress. No-one thankfully made much of May’s gender as she has been consistently competent and dignified throughout her years of being Home Secretary. Having been powerful and respected for so long Britain didn’t feel a chance was being taken when she was handed the reins. After Brexit we needed the strength and sensibility of May. Julia Gillard, a former Prime Minister of Australia, recently warned that not much was made of her gender when she was first appointed but the sexism set in later. I truly hope this doesn’t happen to May. Thatcher went through it as the first British woman PM and hopefully we have grown up to judge May on her policies and delivery rather than her happening to be a woman. I am incredibly happy we have another woman PM, having women in power in the spotlight is great to prove to girls what is truly possible. We need more women in parliament and I hope May’s premiership encourages more to count themselves in. Only time will tell if Britain’s choice for Brexit was a good one and May will be the captain highly influential in the outcome. History is in the making and for now it is her story and how she intends to write it will be of huge interest to us all.

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