Finance Education in Schools


I wrote to my local MP, John Redwood, about my concerns about a lack of personal finance and economics education in schools. During a time where my peers talk about mortgages and my colleagues talk about pensions I realise I wasn’t given any guidance at school. Not a jot. Thankfully Google can help but for such an important topic I feel we missed out. Economics is always in the news and I feel that generations have been unfairly kept illiterate and many are unable to critique macroeconomic claims made in the media and by politicians. John Redwood contacted Nicky Morgan and I was glad to see in her reply that financial education has been on the national curriculum since September 2014. This is covered in Maths as well as Citizenship classes which is great as we all remember those abstract Maths classes we weren’t sure what we’d ever use finding the surface area of a cone for. I can only hope it is covered thoroughly and teachers are supported fully as its introduction is still quite recent. Great news that children will hopefully be more informed than their parents.


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