Democracy Coaching

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As a representative on the Waitrose Forum I met a Democracy Coach who ensures the democratic principles of the John Lewis Partnership are adhered to and Partners are engaged in the process. I was impressed by how there are dedicated people trying to encourage employees to stand for election and speak up for their department/store. If only there were Democracy Coaches in the outside world! They explained that as an employee owned business we all had the responsibility to scrutinise the way it’s run and improve things where we can. This struck me, as in wider society we are not really encouraged to see our local community or country as something we ‘own’ and therefore not take direct responsibility for it. I suppose many think as it’s public property so it’s owned by the government and it’s their responsibility and they count themselves out. However, there are many people who do take ownership and responsibility through volunteering, charity work, going into public facing  public sector professions, campaigning, or being a local councillor. We do need to encourage more people to see standing for election as a way to be responsible for their local community and everyone needs to count themselves as a potential candidate as we all have ownership of the wellbeing of our local area, country and world.

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