Holocaust Memorial Day


So today is Holocaust Memorial Day which is an annual event to remember the horrors of the Holocaust and other genocides around the world. Events happen across the country and the Prime Minister announced today a statue near the Houses of Parliament to commemorate the Holocaust. For me the day is important as my paternal grandfather and his parents were German Jews who fled Berlin to come to England in the late 1930s. I feel ever so grateful to this country for that but more so for the life it offers me today. Although Germany is very similar to Britain there are still ¬†countries all over the world that do not offer the freedom, opportunities, equality, safety, low corruption and quality of life that the UK does. There are many countries where being a woman leaves you with few rights, having a Jewish surname may get you killed and being in the wrong place at the wrong time will see your demographic be targeted nonsensically. Britain’s not perfect but it’s pretty brilliant and we should remember how far we’ve come.¬†We know what British soldiers in WW2 died for and we need to protect the freedoms they fought for and give back to the communities we live in. I remember how lucky I am everyday and it is luck that I was born in this country in this era (100 years ago I may not be saying the same things!) and we all need to encourage our communities to be prosperous, free, sensible and friendly.

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