Thinking of Paris


The Paris attacks show one thing: no-one is safe from the warped reality of the supporters of ISIS. As we feel for the people murdered and injured in France last night, as well as their families, we must also fully realise that there is no difference between them and the people being terrorised in Syria and Iraq as well as those attacked by bombs and guns in other countries such as on the beaches of Tunisia and the busy city of Beirut. We cannot forget that Al Qaeda and Boko Haram have pledged allegiance to ISIS as well as terrorist groups from Yemen to Indonesia. If such hate and violence can form such unity then the people of the nations supporting freedom and peace can be even stronger. We can realise more fully what the refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are fleeing from as the realities ISIS inflicts hit closer to home. As I work in Westminster I will be concerned about going in to work on Monday but I realise the importance of Western nations not being bullied into backing out of the difficult mission of dismantling ISIS’s power. I cannot begin to understand the mindset of people within ISIS who show no empathy to anyone, especially children and seem to think that killing and enslaving all those who disagree with them is wise. Their ‘state’ is no force for good and their grip on power will certainly fail as the might and hope of free nations is inevitably greater. That this attack comes only days after Remembrance Day reminds us that the threat to freedom is still present and united we can focus on working to make sure more people’s lives and freedoms aren’t destroyed.

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