What the Poppy means to me…


I got my poppy in Woodley precinct yesterday. The Woodley Conservatives had a stall and it was good to chat to residents in the sun. As Remembrance Day is on the horizon and we put on our poppies which will duly fall off and have to be replaced, I thought it a good time to reflect on what the poppy symbolises. For me, the granddaughter of a German Jewish boy who escaped Nazi Berlin I have always been acutely aware and grateful for Britain standing up for freedom and the military’s great effort to ensure this. It is incomprehensible the loss of human life in in the two world wars as well as all the numerous battles fought since. Some officers were younger than me when they died in the line of service. If people do not wish to wear the poppy that should be completely up to them. People have died for freedom of expression and our ability to not to have to conform to one belief or opinion. In a world where there is still oppression, aggression and freedoms being denied I fear that the military will have more battles on their hands. The least I can do is remember their sacrifice for my freedom and safety.

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