Letter to Nightingale Road Residents


Dear Resident,

Everyone knows that schools get busy around drop off and pick up time and South Lake Primary School is no different. The police have supported the painting of yellow lines on Nightingale Road on the approaches to the minj-roundabout intersecting with Campbell Road. This will improve visability and make it safer by deterring drivers parking their cars so close to the roundabout. As your local councillor I welcome news that will make local roads safer and the parking restrictions, which come into force on 1st September, aim to do just this. However, we need to monitor the area carefully to make sure vehicles displaced from parking near the roundabout don’t cause problems parking elsewhere. The yellow lines will also cover the Livingstone Gardens and Campbell Road junctions to help with this. Views from local residents were sought before the decision was made. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at Laura.blumenthal@wokingham.gov.uk.
Yours faithfully,

Laura Blumenthal
Councillor for South Lake


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