What did we Learn from the Debate?


If you tuned in last night to the leaders election debate you will have probably been struck by a few things: how rehearsed the speeches were, how it reminded you of Take it Out and how watching what was written on twitter about the debate was more interesting than the debate itself. The polls haven’t shifted much and undecided voters probably still haven’t made up their minds from the debate. There were a good questions from the audience but time was squeezed and Farage looked surprisingly uncomfortable and didn’t get his points across well. Clegg disappointed so at least we know there will be no Cleggmania like in 2010. Cameron was on top form and Miliband tried but was his usual cringe. Who did make an impression on me though was Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru and Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP. Rarely have members of the public seen these leaders on such a platform and they were great! Although, unsurprisingly, I thought Cameron said the most sense Wood and Sturgeon were brilliant especially when they stood up to Miliband then Farage. It’ll be interesting to see how their parties fare on 7th May and see if the SNP gain any greater influence in Westminster. The smaller parties had everything to gain from the debate and Wood and Sturgeon can be proud.

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