That election thing…

Signpost, political parties

As the days get warmer and the pledges from the political parties more frequent we know we’re approaching the General Election. On the doorstep many people seem fascinated with the latest polling and predictions with all speculation valid as the result is so difficult to anticipate. This means that people know that their vote counts and seem increasingly concerned with voting for the right candidate. Residents have been more keen to speak to me and even passionate Labour supporters are up for a friendly chat about the local area.

We still have a few weeks left so I’d urge everyone to have a quick read of party and local candidate websites as well as reading leaflets that flutter through your door. Some stuff will be boring but there is enough on them from the tone to the policies, locally and nationally that will help inform you vote for the person that matches your personal beliefs. You may say you’re not political but if you care about the roads, your job, your family and your safety then I’m sorry to say, you’re interested in politics. Please don’t shun those pesky canvassers on the doorstep, we want to hear what concerns you and it’s your chance to question us. The elections in May are exciting as we’ll get a chance to have a real say with our votes. Please check you are registered to vote and if you haven’t made up your mind please start pondering and reading up on who you think would be best to represent you locally and nationally. Of course, please consider standing as a candidate yourself in the future!

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