Stand Up and Be Counted


Sky have been running an initiative ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ which aims to give young people a voice in politics. Last week they had an ‘Ask the Leaders’ session where a group of young people (18-25 years) quizzed David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Natalie Bennett. Apparently they did invite Nigel Farage but he declined. This was greatly refreshing and it was live streamed on Facebook as well on Sky which showed their understanding of how young people access social and traditional media. Well done to Sky for setting this up in the situation we find ourselves in with great voter apathy among young people (even though this is the age group with major concerns). Young people are more educated and plugged into the news than ever before yet some heed the foolish advice of Russell Brand to throw their voice away. SUBC has its own website where young people can discuss issues they are concerned about and are really encouraging of young people to register to vote.

Register to Vote:

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