On twitter in the UK #20ThingsIWantFor2015 is trending. Considering most people seem to only be listing meeting all the members of One Direction which constitutes 5 wishes I thought I’d cheat and go for 5 hopes too:

1) I really hope the second Maiden Erlegh School stays on track. As a former pupil at ME I’m really excited by the new school’s progress and think it’ll be great for the local area.

2) Majority Conservative government elected on 7th May – had to include that one! Oh, and I hope people vote for me too đŸ™‚

3) Continued economic growth, including unemployment decreasing, especially among young people. Employment figures are doing well but there’s still a way to go especially for young people.

4) I hope the mild weather continues! 2014 has been great weather wise. No more floods!

5) A generally happy and healthy year for everyone. Happy New Year! Hope you will be spending the bank holiday with family or friends. 2015 looks good!

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