Rob Wilson: An MP to Admire


I think Rob Wilson, the MP for Reading East, is a pretty inspirational guy. The qualities I admire most is how normal, engaging and interested he is. He’s someone anyone could go for a coffee with and have a good chat. It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 or 18, a professor or a schoolboy. I think it’s quite rare sometimes in the Westminster political sphere to meet genuinely warm and engaging MPs. They’re busy people with lot on their minds after all. Discussing litter bins may gripe when they have issues of national importance to deal with. I’ve been impressed with how Rob interacts with residents on the doorstep. People like him and open up to him. Rob puts them at ease and makes sure issues are followed up. Residents come up to Rob in the street to wish him luck and when I talk to people they often like to recount how he’s helped them. It’s lovely to hear and really encouraging. Now the Minister for Civil Society it’s no wonder that Rob’s going places: immensely likeable, incredibly hard working and genuinely passionate about helping his constituents. He’s a normal guy from Reading and that’s why Reading people like him. We need more politicians like Rob and I’m grateful to be involved in local politics where he is the MP. I look forward to being part of his campaign team for 2015. Re-elect Rob!

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