People’s Pets

People have lots of pets in Earley and Woodley. They often make for great Instagram pics when I’m out canvassing. They’re often friendly and sometimes are happier to engage with us canvassers more than their owners! People often come to the door with a puppy in their hands, a spaniel by their side or a cat lying on the doorstep between us. Many delight in telling me about their pet, especially how mischievous and nosy they are. Some open up more and say how their pet has been their lifeline through loneliness, bereavement, mental health issues or divorce. Making sure that local areas are pet-friendly as well as people friendly is just as important. Ease of access to public open spaces, suitable amenities situated appropriately, a good number of vets and encouragement of local shops selling pet products are all needed to be kept in mind. Provisions for pets may be low down on the list of priorities but as pets are often a high up priority for people this is something of which to be aware. And yes, I love animals!

IMG_20140823_222725IMG_20141011_141904IMG_20141025_124944 (1)

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