Telecanvassing vs Street Canvassing

I don’t think politicians can beat street canvassing. Talking to a residents face-to-face and being in a road where they can point out a problem or you can spot one yourself is immensely valuable. It’s also generally just nice talking to local people and being in the area. However, phone canvassing has its advantages. For example, I feel people are more honest. They’re more honest to put the phone down on you or tell you to go away but they’re also more honest in how they feel abut the local areas and Britain as a whole. It’s understandable as people seem to feel more comfortable on the phone that on their doorstep. They don’t wish to offend, we are British after all. Telecanvassing in Reading East has opened the door to me (metaphorically of course) to a different side to residents’ views. A deeper one, and perhaps a more honest one. It just shows me that engaging with people in many different ways is worthwhile.

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