Residents Need to Raise their Voices

A few weeks ago I was canvassing Highgate Road in Woodley, a road I’ve canvassed many a time. I was surprised to hear from one resident that vehicle crime was quite high in the road but he didn’t bother to tell the police about it because he wasn’t confident anything would be done. No-one has ever told me about the concern of vehicle crime and this disappointed me. Residents know their areas the best and really do need to communicate to councillors, the local council and police when something needs to be fixed or changed. There’s a range of ways that this can be done:

Contact your local councillor:

Need to alert the council to some overhanging bushes or potholed road? Contact Wokingham Borough Council (their online portal is very efficient):

If you want to be really clever use the Fix my Street website or app to take a photo of something that needs to be fixed in your local area:

Contact the police about worries about crime in your area by calling 101:

We need your insights to make our local area better!


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