‘It takes six months to settle into a role…’

There’s a phrase colleagues and friends have often said to me: ‘It takes six months to settle into a role’. Well, that could definitely go for my role as a town councillor and this blog! As we approach six months since my election I feel that I have caught up/am catching up with the fellow councillors who were elected way back in 2011. I think there is such a difference between councillors elected during the main elections and those during a by-election. I have settled into the protocol of the meetings, have learnt a lot about the processes and lingo used in the Planning committee and, of course, am well experienced in chasing things up for residents with Wokingham Borough Council and knocking on residents’ doors, listening to their views. I feel that this blog would be useful for residents (and bored people who stumble across it-welcome!) to have a look at what I’m doing and I’ll be posting at least weekly. Any questions or comments, please do let me know. I’ll leave you with this photo of a sleeping cat I took when delivering community news leaflets in Earley…


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